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Simple "AZUZ" Signature || Photoshop + Illustrator
Here is a little something I made in both Photoshop, for the sketch, and illustrator, for the vector. Took me about 5 - 6 songs to make so give or take 20 minutes. This is a signature for another site.

If you are interested, here is a sketch I did in Photoshop:
[Image: HIBEbHO.png]

Here is the final:
[Image: ZWcifg6.png]

There is nothing much to it. Its been a while since I have done lettering and I might get more into it.
If there is something I could change or add just let me know.
Nice work - love the outcome
[Image: htee5y.jpg]

Check the brews: [Image: maw22d.jpg]

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