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Would you move to another country for a job offer?
I'm curious, would you move to another country for a really good job offer? Keep in mind that they speak another language!

I have a job interview via skype tomorrow for a company called Linseis. They are located in Germany and I'm really, really nervous. I'm pretty sure that I won't actually get the job but what if I do? I've been looking for work for ages and now an opportunity like this could open up for me but I'm not sure if I should take it. I know basic German (Hallo, Wie geht es?, Danke Schon etc.). But Linseis is all about thermal analysis and I'm afraid that I won't know what to do... So if you were to be offered a great job opportunity in another country, would you go?
If you really want this job all you can do is try and give your utmost effort. Is knowing something about thermal analysis a prerequisite of theirs or is it something they're willing to teach you? Are you comfortable living that far from your family? I'd assume these are a few of the questions you would need to answer before moving further.
I work for an international company so I'm sure the opportunity might arise at some point in my career.
Obviously it would all depend on one million factors so it's really difficult to say - but if everything was working out and it was the best decision to make for my family, I think it'd be a really fun adventure.
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Just out of curiosity, what would your position be? You say that you are afraid that you might not know what to do, so that leads me to believe its something outside of your field. In terms of the moving to Germany and learning a new language, i think it great. Learning a language is shown to slow down Alzheimer and other brain conditions. Also I am biased because I like studying other languages and traveling.
I've accepted the offer btw. I'm working in research and so far I think I'm good? It's all very overwhelming but you can't move forward if you don't take chances :)

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