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Not A Photographer
I am probably the furthest thing from a photographer, but this view from my porch today did not require a whole lot of skill to capture it. I could use some tips for an amateur capturing this on her phone with all the settings on auto.  ?
 [Image: ivFXF5d.jpg]
Loving the view bjett. Do you live in the country? I'm a little far out of the city myself.

It's a little blurry but I'm sure it's really hard to capture any better than it already is with just a phone.
Yes, I do live in the middle of nowhere. Thanks, I want to know how some people, like my husband who is not artistic at all, can take non blurry pictures with their phones.
He could try adjusting the settings on his phone's camera little by little until he gets the optimal result. Afterward, if you wanted you could import the photo into an application like Adobe Photoshop or alternatives and edit/adjust the exposure, etc.
Thanks. I am going to try adjusting the settings. Normally I have to Photoshop a photo to death to make it even worthy to put on a Christmas card. This one I just used the filter from my phone app.
You did a great job, maybe some tutorials will help you to improve your skills)

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