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Hi its Rex AKA Strike haha
S T R I K E  A K A  R E X

Hi! I am Rex on this forum anyway. I was looking for a place to show off my design work, most forums now are pure promotion and that just boring. I feel this is the place for me empty of all non-designers haha. Some of you may know me from ForumPromotion as Strike I am well thinking of changing my name that is why I am REX on here and OldMan on PromotionEra.

I was formally called Apophis around 4 years ago. I am a full-time designer currently finishing my BA Degree before moving to my MA in Web Design. I have studied the history of design for three years and have learned about BauhausDe Stijl, and much more design movements which also includes my favourite Swiss International Style. Later known in web as Flat Design. 

I have also built communities, with a radio show called Ultimate FM and later The Global Show. I have a strong understanding of how people work online. I have also had the opportunity to work on forums including Hybrids Cloud, and phpBB Communities as a staff member. All of my education has come from being on here, this forum. for me this is where I learned how to design, it was where I started my education and this forum is the reason I am doing a degree in the subject I love.

View My Portfolio Here

Thanks for all the welcomes!
It's been a while since I've visited ForumPromotion good to know it's still online. Welcome to PixelForums Rex.
Welcome to the forum Rex! Had a look at your portfolio and you have some really nice stuff on there :)

Looking forward to seeing more of your work

Also where are you studying your degree?

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