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Video Games Changed My Life.
NOTICE: This was written for my upcoming YouTube Video. The video will be accompanied by awesome visuals similar to "The Game Theorist" except with me in it.

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No matter how old or young you are there is a big change that video games had some part in your life. Whether you are a hip young male playing Atari's Pong in 1972 or an old lady with a death wish playing Modern Warfare Remaster in 2016. Gaming has changed society in a big way.

Before we begin,  leave a thumbs up for more and comment what was the first video game you have played and which is your favorite.

To some this video up, I take a mental, time machine to the past to be able to recall this information. Remembering this information as well as doing some extra research made me actually want to once again play these games. Which I did : )

How I got into gaming:
     I remember going to my cousin's house and he was playing age of empire. I watched him play. As a kid watching someone who is older then you do something made it instantly cool in some weird convoluted way. Thus began my lifelong journey, adventuring out into the world of video games.

My First Computer:
     My first computer was an enormous, ancient, off white windows desktop. My little grubby 6-year-old fingers would be typing away with no regard to sanitation what so ever. Those are now nightmare fueled images that I choose to purposely lock away in my brain. Even with all that being said I had a lot of fond memories using it.

The Games I played the most:
  • Age Of Empire (2 to be specific)

  • Mega Man (Not sure what console or which game.):

  • Big Money

  • Counter Strike
If you know more than 1 of these games then you know how diverse they are from each other.

Age Of Empire:
A real-time strategy game, developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft for the PC. In Age of Empire, you would use resources at your disposal on a given map and build your own empire. Each Age Of Empire taking on different Eras with different empires to choose from. Even though my 6-year-old mind could not even grasp taking care of my plants it could grasp balancing economy and military and cultivating my empire to take over the map and completely and utterly destroy those who opposed me. Yea... On a good note, I owned just about every Age Of Empire game. 

Mega Man:
An Action, fighting, platformer created by Capcom. Released in circa of 1987 for the NES. Mega Man becomes super popular and branched to many different consoles and with around 50 games in the series, selling over 30 million worldwide. Wow. To me every boss fight was like popping an ecstasy pill, As time passed I wanted more and more. The feeling of mastering every move set and knowing just the right moves to use on any given boss gave me unimaginable power. I also remember losing miserably on more them a few occasions...

Big Money:
On my dusty old computer, I vividly remember playing "Big Money" created by PopCap Games a game where a big fat mafia looking guy would congratulate you every other move (Even the company name sounds gangster). If I could name this game in one word it would be... Capitalism. I have a lot of fond memories of me hitting some dank combos, though.

Counter Strike:
Started out as a half-life 2 modification created by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe sparked a the gasoline-fueled flame that is the Counter Strike Series today. Seeing my cousin ( the same cousin I saw playing Age Of Empires) play Counter-Strike made me, a young child seeking guidance from his older much wiser cousin began playing as well. There nothing much to say other than I was a god at killing AI.

That is basically my childhood summed up...

Hope you enjoyed this video, leave a thumbs up for more and comment what was the first video game you have played and which is your favorite. Also don't forget to subscribe, peace!

8bit Dungeon Boss Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

The very first game I recall playing was (if I recall correctly) MX vs. ATV: Unleashed at a friend's house. This was probably right around the time the game actually released so 2005-2006? Thanks for sharing your story Snow I enjoyed reading it.

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