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3D Glass
I truly LOVE 3D graphics and I joined the Blender CG Cookies citizen courses for a while. I just could never truly grasp it to where I could do anything without a tutorial, and in my frustration I closed my account. I really loved it though, and will most likely keep trying at it until I get it. This is an old tutorial that I followed, and is still one of my favorite.
[Image: 30995777923_2f3e01d608.jpg]
Looks pretty nice! When I first read the title I though about 3D glasses for the movies or something. So would you recommend CG Cookie to others? I am also learning about 3D work.
Yes, CG Cookie has the best Blender tutorials in my opinion, and they way they have set us their courses is outstanding. The instructors and very detailed and helpful, and the community is really the best. Of course, you get the most out of being a citizen, which there is a fee. But if you want to learn Blender and 3D graphics and animation it is worth every penny. For me, it wasn't CG Cookie that was lacking, but my mental abilities and just my motivation for the huge learning curve that has prevented me from really being successful.
Definitely something that I'll look into trying. You did a good job with the lighting which makes it all come together and look realistic imho.

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