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Who drinks wine?
Totally random.

But as I'm typing this I am holding a bottle's cork. The idea hit me to ask who drinks wine?

I definitely finished my first bottle with the exception as others to share with on Thanksgiving.

I think after my small experience I would like to drink more of wine. Seems pretty chill haha. Definitely hits me in a different tone compared to all the empty bottles of vodka in my cabinets lol.
My dad was like, no you can't drink red wine. So I can't drink red wine...(it taste like soap)
I'm 13!
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Lol I didn't drink red wine.

I haven't tried that yet. I had Barefoot Moscato.
I've never actually tried any type of alcoholic beverage. I've ate food that had that sort of thing in it but that's just about it.
I have never liked the taste of wine or most alcoholic beverage. I was told I haven't tried the right thing, but after a few glasses of drinks that either tasted like medicine or stomach acid, I choose to now go without completely.
Barefoot is actually good wine, I enjoy a glass every now and then!
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