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Now I Introduce Myself
I have posted a few threads already, but I figure I should introduce myself, because I really like this forum. When I was around 10 years old I started taking my coloring books and reproducing them on my Mac (that at the time was running the original Mac OS in 199?, I will stop there). After that I was hooked, my first job was at a print company, and I worked at various print and sign companies for many years. After years of working in other industries, I am now wanting to jump back into vector graphics as a hobby. I have a long way to go to get my skill back up to speed. I found this forum while searching for a community that has great ideas and options for growing in my hobby. I am glad I found this place.
Wonderful introduction bjett, thanks for telling us a little bit about yourself. Glad to have you.

Looking forward to seeing some of your new work.
We are glad to have you part of the community! Its awesome to be surrounded by the people who have similar interests. I have seen you around the forum here and there which is awesome : )
Welcome! Hope you have a wonderful time here at La Pixel Forums!
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