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Top 10 Sites to help YOU get into freelancing!
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Whether your an amateur or a pro at designing, doing freelance work is a really easy way to make a little bit of extra money in your spare time. If your someone who mainly works on YouTube then starting on some freelance sites is also a really good way to bridge across to the professional world! But with so many sites out there to choose from, which ones are best? 

Well i've put together this post of what i believe are the top 10 sites for freelancing in the world of design! This is all what i have found from personal use and experience as well as a little help from google. If you have used any sites which you think have missed the list please drop a link and ill add it in! 

So heres the list with a small description and link to each one :) 


Now i know what some of you might be thinking, but Craigslist is actually pretty good for freelancing. Once you get past all the junk buying and selling you do come across some really good projects. You can easily browse for local projects or search by major cities if you prefer working remotely. Only thing is you will need to do all the hard work with secure payment and negotiating the project.


With hundreds of project categories, Project4Hire makes it easy to identify jobs that suit your skill set, without having to scan through pages of posts. This site is more general, offering projects for people of all skills and not only design. It still makes it into my top 10 due to the ease of use and search capabilities. The system works with a bidding feature to gain projects. More for professionals than beginners. 


iFreelance is fairly similar to Project4hire with regards to the quick searching and bidding style of getting projects. One key feature that a lot of sites don't do that iFreelance have, is they let you keep 100% of your earnings which is quite rare. Although there is a mixed selection of projects, I've found this site to be more for professionals than beginners. 


Upwork is definitely a site to check out! With the average budget size of a job being $5000 its no wonder so many people find this site a great asset! The site is set up slightly different from most others as the site works with monthly payments but with a bit of time using the site, its quite easy to get used to. This site is really good because projects cater for a wide range of skill levels.


This site works in more of a competition based style so sadly payment is not always guaranteed which is why its not higher on my list. Employers post a project in the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum section (each has a different prize reward for designers). Find a brief that you like and submit your design. The employer will then give feedback and at the end of the 7 days, choose a winner to receive the prize money. 


Guru i find is quite the generic site for freelancing which is why it is dead centre on my list. Define the services you provide and employers will find you or you can go searching for posted projects. Complete the work and get paid! Pretty bog standard system. The Escrow payment system makes sure for a safe transaction which is always nice and the site is really easy to use so i do recommend this site! 


Im sure many of you have heard of the site Behance and may even have a portfolio on there. But you can also search for jobs on there too! Granted it is a bit of a mix and match between freelance projects and full time jobs but the vast range of projects available on a site many of you are already using is really handy if you prefer to centralise on one site. Due to the nature of a lot of the project being full or part time work, i would only use this site if you were looking for extended projects.


So another surprising choice i think is forum sites. A lot of design forums will have a classifieds section or a graphic requests forum. These are a really easy way to get quick turnover jobs for quick cash! The project range is massive because there is such a huge range of users. Dependant on the site you go to, projects may be more for beginners and have a lower expectation when it comes to pricing but the standard is still quite high. One other thing as a designer is to be careful not to get scammed. Make sure to rather take a deposit or to show screenshots with a watermark before sending over the final piece. 


Freelancer was one of the very first freelancing sites i used and i still use today. Its definitely one of the most established sites and has an absolute tonne of features! Signup is free with the option of various premium packages for extra benefits. Simply search for a project based on your skill set and make a bid for that project. The employer will then choose someone to take on the project. 
My only issue with the site is that it works with a ranking system that determines how far down the bidding list you are and with a potential of 100's of people bidding on a project, its unlikely someone new to the site will get picked. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to get your rank up with hundreds of competitions a day, mini software exams and so much more! I definitely recommend this site!! 


My hands down number one is Fiverr! This site is absolutely incredible with its unique point on selling gigs for $5. The site is home to freelancers of all skills but design is certainly a dominant feature! I have had no issues what so ever with this site and you'll quickly find yourself with a stack of orders within a week of starting up! There are plenty of analytics to track your progress and a reward system as well. You work when you want to work and it all caters to your skill level! And thats why its my number one for freelancing sites! 

Sign up for free and fill out your profile. Create "Gigs" dependant on the services you want to offer for $5. (You can of course increase the price in $5 increments). You can also offer certain packages with extras which also up the price. Employers find you and fill out the information on your gig. You complete the project and get paid. Payment is all done by Fiverr themselves so no worries on being scammed! (Fiverr do take $1 per $5 as commission). There is dedicated forums as well as a repeat buyer system. The site really is perfect for anyone wanting to move into freelancing! 


Thanks very much for reading my thread! I just hope this has been of use to anyone looking to move into freelancing. If anyone would like any help or has any questions please don't hesitate to ask :)  

Thanks again,

UPDATES: I shall be updating the post with other sites that i find or are recommended :) Feel free to PM me with your ideas! 

SELLFY - This is another popular site that many beginners use. Essentially you can sell pretty much anything digital on your page for any price you like. Sellfy then take a small cut dependant on your subscription. Its free to use with various upgrades for better packages. Definitely worth a look! 
If you're confident you can compete with hundreds maybe even thousands of people and win 99designs is an excellent choice.

This thread is very informative and on a subject a lot of people struggle with, so I'm going to sticky this.
Very informative and well collated thread. Thank you.
I'd recommend adding Sellfy to the list, you can sell all of your digital design products on there and it's all automated.
(06-19-2016, 11:11 PM)Wage Wrote: I'd recommend adding Sellfy to the list, you can sell all of your digital design products on there and it's all automated.

Yeah thats another good site for it! Will update the OG post tomorrow :)
(06-20-2016, 12:04 PM)Createch Wrote:
(06-19-2016, 11:11 PM)Wage Wrote: I'd recommend adding Sellfy to the list, you can sell all of your digital design products on there and it's all automated.

Yeah thats another good site for it! Will update the OG post tomorrow :)

Great, thank you for keeping this thread updated.
You could also post a thread in our Requests & Services forum for more exposure, this surely falls under "Forum Sites".

What about websites that allow you to sale clothing? There's quite a few you could add right there.

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