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The 2nd New Theme
I really like the new, new theme Wage! It looks great and blends in very well. Nice overall.

If you are looking for suggestions, my only things are the logo and editor. Although the theme may not be completely finished right now, and you are probably working on a new logo, I think you should put out a more profound and colorful logo for the forum. One with a slogan too! 

I also think the text editor should be colored black. If you are looking for help with this, my friend Johnny S on MyBB Community Forums used to do these a lot for custom orders. He can probably help you if you need it since redesigning these things from scratch, especially to fit a dark theme, is a lot of work. But other than these two things, the forum looks better than ever. Keep it up!  :cool2:
I personally don't think the logo on the main forums should have a slogan, however it could possibly have a slog on advertisement banners if wage feels like promoting the forums off-site. As far as the text editor goes i wouldn't mind seeing it fit into the theme a bit more but as it stands it doesn't bother me that its white.
The editor will definitely be changed to match the theme, thanks for pointing that out. I never got around to it with the other themes as it wasn't really a priority and I knew those themes were just temporary.

I want this theme to last a while since I personally think it's good. I'll always model the site how I see fit since that's always been the best way to go. I still don't know what I'm going to do with the logo though.

If anyone else has any suggestions or questions about the newest theme, make a thread or post below.

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