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Solar Twitch Package
Heres a twitch package I did for SolarHQ that I really enjoyed making to help me get back into graphic design.

Tweet : https://twitter.com/HastePSD/status/761289810988367872

So any feedback would be highly appreciated and even some tips would be great!

My links :

Twitter : https://twitter.com/HastePSD
Behance : https://www.behance.net/HastePSD
Sellfy : https://sellfy.com/Haste
The social media icons are scaled up way too much IMO and the inner glow around the "facecam" frame is too brutal.
Really like these designs! The colour scheme is great! The white text on the subtle patterned background really makes it Pop :D Well done and keep up the great work!
I like the majority, however I would resize the social media icons and text. Additionally, I'd change the font to match the text on the screens. GJ though!

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