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Check out DJ Wrighty Simple 2D Introduction 2016
You all should know by now that I love showcasing my work. If you don't showcase your work, you'll most likely get nowhere.
Now that I've got that off of my chest. I'd like to present to you a simple 2D introduction/ident I designed for a friend who's a DJ.
All assets you witness in the intro/ident, were all designed by myself such as the official logo, clean backdrop but the sound is from my friend and the DJ himself.
Anyways, I know it's just a simple 2D intro but I would love to see if I can get any feedback/constructive criticism :)

The 2nd bit of it synced with the music just fine but I feel like the beginning part could be better synced. Maybe use a different transition?
Okay, thanks for the constructive criticism :)

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