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My Goodbye.
Well, I have decided to quit it all.

I had a amazing time, and met many amazing people along the way. I know I am young, but I wish proceed to doing other things in my life, and I need to stop while I still can. I hope you all understand my choice, and this is it. This is a new chapter in my life, so it all starts here. 

:heart: Special thanks to: 
- Wage
- Zoom
- Rusty
- Ant

Wage, I didn't know you long, but you were chill in the little bit of time that I did know you. Keep up your amazing work, and you have a bright feature in front of you. 

Zoom, we had a off and on relation ship for 2 years, and you're my best friend. I couldn't ask for anyone other then you, we have been through hell and back together. 

Rusty, like Wage I didn't know you for long, but you're a cool kid. Keep up the gaming video's, and maybe you can make it into a job.

Ant, you know why you're on here. 

Here is to my new found chapter in my life!  :heart:

[Image: FOEEHbI.jpg]
Thanks for being such a great member and good luck with all future endeavors.

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